Clay Snooker

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What could be more fun than combining two exciting sports together, the indoor sport of snooker and the outdoor sport of clay shooting? This is exactly what we thought when devising Clay Snooker. For years people have enjoyed these age old sports of skill.


Clay Snooker is easy to understand, and anybody who knows the basic rules and scoring of table snooker will grasp Clay Snooker in minutes.

Clay Snooker Explained

Familiar snooker scoring

From varying position on the filed clay traps are placed to fire the clays. Reds, which are the easiest to shoot score 1 point, the colours coming from increasingly difficult angles and score progressively higher points up to black which scores 7 points.

How to play Clay Snooker

The shooting is done in competition with pairs pitted against each other, the winner being the shooter with the highest score. As with table snooker, when each red is eliminated a colour is chosen by the shooter right up until all the reds are downed. From then on the colours are shot in their normal colour order. Just as in table snooker there is a tactical element in which they can choose easier clays and accept a lower score or chance their arm and go for a winning score wit the more difficult shots.

When the game is actually played, whoever goes first calls for a red followed by a nominated colour. Miss the red and the colour is void with no score given. If the colour is hit the shooter is given the combined score the of the red and the chosen colour. The second gun shoots immediately after the first until both shooters have had six pairs. At this point both guns move on to the colours.

Head-to-head challenge

A distinction is made as to whether the clay is downed by the first or second barrel. The real fun that snooker brings to shooting is the head-to-head challenge. If your opponent sinks a red followed by a black, the pressure is on you to keep in touch with his score. Should he miss his read or colour then you are in a position to capitalise.

Great fun

All in all Clay Snooker is a great fun day and whether you are a snooker follower or not you’ll soon be in the swing of it. If you would like more details or wish to make a booking for Clay Snooker please call us on 01296 770103

Clay snooker is ideal for

  • Corporate events
  • Private parties
  • Stag & hen dos
  • Fairs and fun days

Clay Snooker invented by Pete Munn

Pete Munn invented Clay Snooker to be a fun and interesting way to combine clay shooting and snooker